About Us

Amazing Brides is an international online dating service and social meet for singles. Everyone dreams of meeting “the one” person to build a meaningful and long-lasting relationship.
But our busy schedules make it rather challenging, especially if you are trying to do it alone.
That’s why we decided to create a place where men and women from different countries can get acquainted
and build a stable and mature relationship without leaving their homes. We call it AmazingBrides.

During 10-plus years in the online dating industry, thousands of our members have found love on our platform,
and some have even started families. Hundreds of single men and women join us every day,
so you have chance to find the love of your life here.

There are a few reasons why our members feel comfortable here:

We are Positive and Friendly

On AmazingBrides, we are gathering people who believe in love and are confident in finding their perfect
romantic partners online. They are open to a new relationship and don’t consider distance to be a problem.

We do not tolerate hate, violence and any kind of inappropriate comments here.

Our members understand there is a human being on other screens and treat each other respectfully. We are
always welcoming newbies on AmazingBrides!

We Don’t Require Professional Photos

We don’t think that photos for your profile on AmazingBrides need to look like the cover of a fashion
magazine. You can select any picture of yourself you prefer, even the one taken from your webcam.

We Encourage Videos

We encourage members to create videos and upload them on the platform. Such videos allow members to observe voice, speech, gestures and body language of each other.

We Offer Several Search Tools

Looking for a partner with higher education? Prefer to build a relationship with someone who lives in Riga?
Want to meet a 22-year blonde with green eyes? Our search tools help you find a person who meets your criteria.

We Are Really Fast

Our powerful search tools enable our members to find each other very quickly.

We Collect Statistics

Who has visited your profile? Who has liked you? Who has added you to their favorites? We collect these
statistics for you so you can get more information about all members interested in you.

We Give You Free Credits to Explore Our Site

Our focus is love that lasts. To make our platform free from those who join dating sites just for fun, we
use the paid model. But you are not buying a pig in a poke. Each new member of AmazingBrides gets free credits to test all the tools we offer.

We Have Online Chats and other Advanced Features

Here you can chat simultaneously with many people. Our chats are available at any time of the day so you
can use them whenever you want. Also, we offer advanced features such as flower and gift delivery.

We Are Available From Mobile Devices

You don’t need to sit behind a computer to use our site. AmazingBrides is also available from your mobile
device and tablet.

We Care About Your Safety

We want to make the process of looking for love on our site safe and secure for everyone. We take measures to prevent scams on our site and protect members from fraudsters, so you can be sure
that you are starting a relationship with a real person.

We Improve Your User Experience

Every day our team of passionate professionals strives to increase the number of happy members of AmazingBrides.
We constantly improve the quality of our services. Our support
specialists are always ready to provide you with any help you need.